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Trails Closed for today only, We expect to be open Saturday with good skiing.

February 10, 2023

A good shot of rain last night and a warm up into the forties today has left the snowpack rotten top to bottom. The good news is that we did not seem to loose very much snow and once things have a chance to firm up they should groom up great for the weekend. I was not sure if I wanted to call it today but finally I threw my skis on and went about 50 yards and had an answer. Skiers on the trails today will make a mess out of them. Skier ruts are not fun to try and groom out once things freeze back up

So let's hit the pause button today. Tomorrow the skiing should be good. Potential for a little fresh snow tonight, that sure would be rad!


Enjoy the T shirt weather today but I for one will look forward to having cold temps return tonight. We are on deck for another great weekend of Nordic Skiing up here. See you tomorrow

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