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February 24, 2023

Winter weather has returned to East Warren. We got 6-7 inches of snow in total out of this storm and it has turned the landscape once again into a winter wonderland. All trails will be groomed out today and skiing should be excellent just about everywhere. The outer loop, Trails # 6 ,#9 and # 10 should be fairly covered through out but use caution on the downhill sections and it is for advanced skiers only. Get out and enjoy this great snow.

Februray 23, 2023

As of 6AM we have around 5 inches of snow of fresh on the trails and it is still snowing heavily outside. Things are being groomed out and I will have most of the core trails packed,groomed and tracked around mid morning. Things are looking great out there. Awesome to have some fresh snow outside, come up today get your glide on. See you soon

February 22, 2023

Good Morning,

It is a beautiful morning out there with a nice fresh coating of snow that has freshened up the trails.

I have groomed out some skate lanes and the set track is there from the other day and full of fresh powder. I did not renovate the track as the track bottom was pretty icy and the snow will stick way better if it is skied in. I plan on doing some cave man ski track setting here with some classic waxables in just a little bit. Sure nice to have a little fresh snow and the forecast looks good for some more starting tonight. If things work out we should be styling here. Think snow!

Come up and enjoy these good conditions.

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