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Another classic Vermont day today featuring drippy ice coated trees and dangerous road conditions. Gotta love VT.

Our trails unfortunately are a mix of Ice, slush, more ice and ground. Not ideal for skiing conditions. There IS some skiing out there. Across the road there is a 1KM loop that actually was skiing pretty sweet yesterday. There is also some potential down trail #5 woods out to repeat hill. If there is some snow left after the next rain system forecasted to affect us tonight, I will see what I can do to create some skiing out there for pass holders. I do not think that we will be selling day tickets for skiing or renting out ski gear unfortunately. Do your snow dance people!

This weekend does not look great but there is some potential snow in the forecast for next week and with just a little bit of fresh snow to coat the very solid base we have out there, we will be sliding to glory once again. Snowshoeing is an option for anyone interested. We have all the snowshoes for rent available and a ton of terrain to explore too. Check back tomorrow as we will do a thorough asses,emt of trails Friday AM and see what we can come up with. Stay in touch and drive safe out there!

In the mean time we are experimenting with the idea of some new sports here at Ole's check this video out and tell us what you think. Wonder what the liability would run on something like this.

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