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Skiing this weekend, Ski shop open Saturday and Sunday 10AM-3PM, $10 trail tickets and $10 rentals a

Good Morning,

The early gift of snow on Monday night has allowed us to open some skiing! The picture below is from Wednesday.Things have frozen up nicely this week and as of today we have the airport loop open as well as some skiing on the "fairway" part of the airport between the hangers and the runway. The skiing is actually pretty darn nice and, relative to the date, really great.

I will poke around some of the other terrain later today and see if there is any where else that can be groomed out. Hopefully today's sun and warmer temps do not put the hammer down on the skiing too much.

The shop will be open this Saturday and Sunday 10AM-3PM. Technically the pre season deadline ends today but since we are going to open this weekend It will be extended through the weekend. So if you have not gotten your pass yet then come on up and get it. We will be offering $10 trail tickets and $10 rentals all weekend.

Thanks to all who have purchased their passes already. Always appreciate the business and the kinds notes on the pass forms. Gets me motivated.

If you venture up to ski, then please stay on the groomed terrain and respect any trail closure signs. It is hunting season this weekend and land owners are not ready for us to be out there. If it isn't groomed stay off of it! Thanks!

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