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Like a kid on a roller coaster, it's a little green out there

Good morning,

Nobody wants to hear it so I will just say, we are awaiting some snow to come in to get some skiing going again at the center. Potentially this week. Ups and downs but the year has been great thus far. We are pushing over forty days so I am not complaining, not out loud anyways.

Really good skiing out there the last few days. I had some of the best classic wax skiing days on Trail # 1 I have ever had this past week. Gotta get it while it is here folks. No excuses.

So in the spirit of spin, what was good about this warm system yesterday and last night? Well we didn't get .75 of freezing rain that was seriously a possibility a few days ago. Cutting trails open from fall downs for the next few weeks would not be my choice of activity. That is definitely a plus. Knock on wood. Knock Knock!

Have a nice Sunday.

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