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Sleet now but heavy snow later

A little mix of rain, freezing rain and sleet is coming down on the trails as of 9AM. We scored almost 4 inches of snow yesterday and everything but the outer loop was groomed out yesterday. Skiers can expect to find the trails well packed with some fresh "snow" on top. The freezing rain is putting some crust in the scenario. While it might make the skiing a little interesting now, it is going to do wonders for a base to go underneath the snow that is forecasted to fall this afternoon and this evening.

We are going to have an excellent weekend here at the center, the trails are going to be the best they have been all season and I am stoked. I am anticipating being 100% open tomorrow morning if things work out the way the are supposed to. Finger crossed people!

Ski shop on sale! Deals are being had, shiny gear is being claimed! Word on the street is most people are out of gear and skis but we have what you need. Go ahead and get yourself something nice, you are worth it.

See you soon!

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