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Chilly and sunny, great snow and excellent classic waxing today

Cold this morning around 4 degrees as of 9:30 AM. Yeah it is cold, it is winter it is supposed to be cold! The sun is out and there is a slight breeze over the airport. The woods are beautiful, still and peaceful. All trails were groomed out yesterday and most of the core trails were groomed out again this morning. Mother nature had the snow making running on and off through late last night and we picked up around 3-4 inches of fresh powder since Wednesday night. NICE!

Trail # 5 out to the 4KM loops, trails # 8 and # 12, as well as the outer loop of #6 ,#9, and #10 are the places to be today and should get you out of that breeze that cuts ya' to the bone. A late after noon ski around the outer loop was awesome yesterday. The hill on #6 sure does not get any less steep year to year. A real heart popper!

I love this cold weather. It feels great. Wakes me up and keeps me young. The animals are moving in these frigid temps. A pileated wood pecker was seen, and I also caught a glimpse of a very large Baird Owl on the prowl for mice and Voles.

Come up and enjoy the great snow and winter temps. If you do, dress in layers and make sure to bring face protection. We have hand and toe warmers for the delicate types.

We are set up for a killer Holiday week, it is going to be great

Hope to see you all soon.

Our ski shop is on sale! Get time to get yourself that ski package you have been mulling over. Call with questions.

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