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NIce and cold!

Good Morning,

A solid and cleansing 18 degrees below zero this morning when I woke up at 3AM. GOOD! It will kill the pests in the woods and keep all of us honest.

We are stylin' here at the center right now. All trails are open, groomed out to perfection, and the weather over the next couple days is forecasted, for the most part, to be brilliant sun, with cold nights and temperatures rebounding each day into very seasonable and comfortable temperatures. That is a recipe for stellar skiing. Come and get it!

Days like today I am going to officaly label as Doug days. My friend Doug, as well as myself love days like this. They are perfect for classic waxable skiing. It will be easy to get the grip wax right and once things warm a touch, the snow will be ever so glide-full, and the sun will shine brightly. The views, as any of you who have had a bluebird day at Ole's know, will be going cuckoo bananas today. Yee haw!

This may be the best week of skiing ever here at the center. As your ski center owner I highly recommend you come up, ski your legs and arms into oblivion and then sit around, enjoy the sun, nice views and relax. Beat the cold people...... With Nordic Skiing!

See you all soon.

Ski shop on sale this week. Swinging deals up here folks! Come check it out!

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