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3 inches of fresh and 30KM plus groomed out this AM

Morning folks,

Holy frijoles the trails are nice out there. Another day and it is a tad windy out there, but the snow is sweet. It is soft underfoot, not icy but very fast. We got another couple of inches yesterday to add to our count, and it did some freezing rain overnight. That crusted things up overnight and after the groomer tilled it up, it produced some real nice sugar snow that is as glide rich as it comes.

Definitely some wind, but the woods are beautiful and the outer loop of trails #6,#9 and #10 was groomed out fresh this AM as well as most other trails for about 30KM plus of nicely groomed skiing. The woods on trails # 2A, #5, #8 and #12 are also sweet if you want to stay a bit closer to the center. The woods should get you out of that wind for the most part! Come up and enjoy it! I know I will later!

All merchandise is on sale right now. I want to see all of this stuff gone! Come up and work us for a deal. Good time to get that shiny stuff attached to your feet and hands. See you soon!

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