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It sure is nice out there. Yes another cold and crispy start to the day, double digits below zero first thing this am but temperatures are forecasted to be in the mid twenties, the sun is once again illuminating the airport, the winds are non existent and it is very very very pleasant out there. Like Julia Childs after a few cocktails pleasant or the Guru Nanak after a hearty breakfast caliber pleasant. You know, real real nice. Come up and get the goods! It is so freakin' nice out there I just wanna' plotz. Ok ok I gotta calm down. I had better go ski.

I have buffed out around 25KM plus of skiing this morning and the rest is still in prime shape. It does not get any better up here so I hope you skip out on ANYTHING you are supposed to do today and come up and enjoy the trails. See you soon.

Our merchandise is on sale right now and I am slinging deals like a crusty chef in a cheap dive breakfast joint. So come up and check it out. See you up here!

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