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Slushy and some classic VT weather today

A bit slushy out there today. We got a solid dose of rain overnight and it has transitioned to snow this AM. It has coated our trails in some slushy snow. The temperatures are dropping and it is still snowing lightly. The good news is that our snow loss was minimal and things look to be still well covered in the white.

However the snow pack is super saturated with water and we will be closing trails for the day to allow the water to drain away. Grooming right now or skiing will bring all the water to the surface and with temperatures falling well below freezing tonight it would cause trails to become an ice sheet. Not good.

Things should, key word being should, groom out and ski well tomorrow and especially for the weekend. Looking forward to more spring skiing, Although it looks fairly wintry this weekend. Bring it on! I want to ski!

Have a great day.

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