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A solid -15' outside. Sun is out. Skiing is there

January 1/15/22

Good Morning,

A very solid -15' outside this morning. Cold and beautiful. The sun is shining and in the sun makes it feel warmer, a little. No doubt about it, some fine cold weather has descended on us here in Vermont.

The wind right now, is light but there. I'd say 5 MPH at the most. With the temperatures at a high of -1' for today the wind will make the wind chill factors felt. If you come ski you have to have all exposed skin covered. Ski goggles, face mask, and layers will be essential in not becoming a popsicle. Also limiting the amount of time today outdoors should fall under the common sense category.

The skiing is on the thin side. We shoveled for around 4 hours yesterday and filled in some of the worse bare spots. Expect some ok skiing interspersed with some thin spots. Things are fairly firm and fast right not. The cover is minimal so ski with caution. The skiing is just ok but the views are crazy nice on days like this. The sun will be set on high for the duration the of the day. Tomorrow will be warmer.

We have a shop full of ski gear. We have ontrack and offtrack skis, backcountry touring gear, as well as skate and classic skis, poles, boots and ton of other accessories for your Nordic Pursuits. Also Skida Hats and Neck Tubes, also clothing and waxing supplies for your slow skis. Come up and check it out.

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