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No lack of glide in the snow as of today

February 18, 2021

The three inches of the snow/sleet that fell Monday night into Tuesday warmed during the afternoon hours on Tuesday to well above freezing. Then, in fantastic Vermont fashion, the temps went from almost forty degrees at the end of the day Tuesday to around five degrees by Wednesday morning. The result was a unique blend of a 1.5 inch crust over a sugary base. The grooming was a little weird needless to say. Nothing like shoveling crusty and very deep snow from underneath a stuck groomer at 4:30 in the morning. Living the dream. We all knew that incredible stretch of cold dry powder would not last forever and it sure spoiled us. However, snow coverage remains excellent on all trails.

After a second day of grooming after the refreeze things are skiing firm, fast and nicer and nicer with each groomer pass. We are in for hopefully a little snow tonight into tomorrow morning. Even a weak inch of snow will do wonders to help freshen things back up. Regardless, the trails will continue to buffed for the weekend. We anticipate another great weekend of skiing. Skating should be the ticket but that classic track isn't half bad either. Come up and enjoy this mid winter season at Ole's.


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