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Snow is coming I can feel it

Rainy, snotty, and raw out there this morning. Not what we want as skiers. The good news? We have gotten ourselves back into the storm track. Just a little cold air on the scene and we will be watching that green grass turn to white! Things are falling into place nicely for the season to begin. Trails are ready for snow and the ski shop is ready for the people. One small group at a time!

This year, as all of you know, has been crazy. Like Crazy Joe Davola crazy. No singing here though folks, and I will definitely not be wearing a clown costume. My high kick? Fairly lethal, if you are under 5' 6".

ANYways..... Things will definitely be a little different this year.

All of our protocols and procedures are detailed on our website. We will be limiting folks coming into the building to a high degree. The trails? Still gonna ski sweet. Just some snow and we will be grooming and gliding.

All of our protocols and procedures are detailed on our website at Please take the time to read them and familiarize yourself. We know that it will be a change. But we appreciate the patience and cooperation that it is going to take to pull off another great season here in good old East Side Warren VT. I know we can do it. Our opening date is now going to be Saturday December 5th unless we get some groomable snow before then. We also may reassess the situation with the "pandemic". No reason to get people congregating for no reason. Stay tuned. If you need something before our opening date please reach out and I will be happy to schedule a time to meet with you.

Thanks to all the renewing pass holders and new folks to Oles . Your business and support of the center is always appreciated. See you soon up at the center. Yo Yo MA!


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