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Spring day skiing remains excellent


Happy March Folks.

The month is in like a lamb, with another Spring like day out in the country. Currently it is around 35° outside. The temperatures are supposedly as warm as they will get today. We had some early morning showers roll through, but they have now dried up for the most part.The groomer was taken out and the classic track was set fresh for you this morning. We will leave the skating lane alone until either right before or just right after the freeze up, depending on what happens today. The snow pack is consolidated and fairly firm underfoot as well as under pole, especially considering the temperature outside. The classic skiing should be fantastic today. Just about all the core trails had a fresh track set on them this morning. I would expect the skating to be spring like but still sweet. Klister skiing is choice right now. An early evening rip around the outer loop, two actually, was just the ticket to tire me out last night. It was skiing in classic outer loop fashion. Snow coverage and the skiing remains excellent. See you up here. Please check in for questions about trails, especially the outer loop. See our website for Covid info, etc. etc. Call with questions. Have a good day.


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