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Good Morning,

Well, another huge temperature swing overnight. Yesterday for just about all day it was around 35 degrees out. Then, starting around 2PM the cold air moved in, by 5PM the snow surface was again frozen. I busted out the groomer and tilled away just as things were freezing. Then of course the cold weather blast squeezed all of the moisture in convective snow squalls and quickly dropped around 4 inches of fresh powder on our trails. Just like that we are back to mid winter for a few days. Right now it is around zero degrees and the wind at the center is impressive, peak gusts around 50 MPH. Needless to say that 32 below wind chill is a little nippy. Limited grooming today, then tomorrow the grooming marathon continues and I would imagine things will be skiing very nicely. Love this cold weather. The wind, could chill a bit. Be safe and warm out there. See you tomorrow. Always use good judgement when going out in this kind of weather, like the good judgment to know when not too. Long live the winter of 20/21.


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