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Ole's still open with fresh classic track this morning

Good Morning everybody,

We got a sloppy wet inch of snow on the trails overnight and currently it is around 33 degrees and sprinkling lightly out there. The wind is a bit windy but the trails as of right now remain well covered. Due to the warmer and rainy conditions I did only some limited grooming this morning. There is about 8-10 KM of trail that has had some fresh track creatively set off to the side of the trail. It should be soft but good conditions for a waxless and or a klister waxed ski today. We will be leaving the skate lanes alone until the ski surface has had a chance to dry out and firm up. As of right now the trails are open. But if it becomes a total mess, then we may close trails to protect the great coverage we have out there right now.

We have a shop full of great gear and some great deals on ski packages, boots, and nordic accessories. Come check it out and do a little Holiday shopping on this rainy day.


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