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Amazing weekend but trails temporarily closed due to warm up today

We had a crazy good weekend over the last couple of days. The skiing was as good as it get's for both classic and skate skiing. Ole's place was bustling and smiles we're a dime a dozen around the ski center and it's trail system.

We have a warm up to endure over the next couple of days. Hard to believe that it is now forty degrees outside and at the beginning of last week we had thirty five below wind chills. I guess it is not too hard to believe, we do live in good ol' VT. The trails look nice and I don't want to to do it, but we will be closing trails over the next couple of days. Today and tomorrow it is not going to refreeze. Tuesday night a refreeze so maybe some skiing on Wednesday. Wednesday night, a wintry mix, so maybe some GOOD skiing on Thursday. Thursday night into Friday Morning it looks like another warm up with some rain. Argh. But if we play the snowpack right this week, we could, just maybe, see some good skiing this weekend. Time will tell. There is potentially some snow for the end of next week. Thanks for being patient and staying off the trails until we things firm back up. Enjoy the comfortable temperatures! Will update tomorrow.

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