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Open today for a bit of skiing, snowshoeing and Fat Biking.

Good Morning,

We got a good bout of classic New England weather this week and it definitely took it's toll on our snowpack. The groomer is out seeing what can be done with what snow is out there. So far it is a groomed 1 KM loop that consists of a pretty nice loose granular surface on most of the loop, with an occasional icy and or a thin or bony spot. It is what it is, but someone looking to get a workout in or just get outside should find it surprisgnly decent. We are now poking around out on trail #5 in the woods to check out what is available for snow to create a loop. We will update shortly to let you know. Skiing is open to pass holders and folks with their own equipment with a discounted trail pass available. Call for details.

Fat Biking and snowshoeing are an option. Snowshoeing being the best idea. We have rental gear available for you to get out and try these other two options. There is some ice to contend with which is of significant concern especially with the bikes.

There is some snow in the forecast for this week. There is still a lot of coverage in a lot of places and it will not take much to get us skiing on a lot of terrain again.

Call with questions. Get out there and have fun whatever you find your self doing.

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