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April 2, 2023

We had a 34 degree temp drop up here in about 14 hrs. Very warm and windy yesterday and now cold and windy. It seems that it only takes a few nice spring ski days to make us all fair weather skiers this time of year. The snow which has frozen up very firm is currently very icy out there. I did do a few passes with the Tide Tech around The Airport loop out #5 in the woods out to trail #4. It helped a little but the surface needs to soften with the help of some warmer temps and or the sun. Today does not look too warm but things may be better in the Afternoon. The good news is that coverage is good out there still and I think that we will get a some more days out of this snowpack.

As we get to our last few days here this season and start to wind down the ski shop will be moving to abbreviated hours. We will open today, closed mid week and we will assess later this week to see about next weekend. For any shop or retail services give a shout I can meet you by appointment.

I will still be doing a little grooming as conditions permit. 22/23 Season Pass holders and Season Pass holders only are welcome to come up for this week and get some last of the skiing fo this season.

It looks like some more wet rainy weather this week. It is April after all. Have a good day.


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