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February 01, 2024

Happy February,

We are starting off one of my favorite months with a trail system in excellent winter condition.

The beautiful snow we received at the beginning of the week combined with perfect temperature snow has made the skiing quite nice this week. It looks to be like that right through the weekend. The best weekend for skiing up here so far this season is set to pop off in just a few days. EXCELLENT  product out there right now.

    All trails have been groomed up in the last few days. I will be out this morning refreshing some core trails as needed. While the just about the whole trails system is open and skiing great overall , the outer loop, Trails #6,#9 and # 10 is sketchy is spots. Most of the down hill sections, skiing in either direction has at least one melt out. I recommend walking down all the down hill sections. Also skiing on a BC or OT boot and a ski 80MM wide or wider and with a full metal edge. The trail is only open for experts and experienced backcountry skiers. That route should be considered and treated as backcountry ski right now. Check in for details and also if you decide to go, bring a buddy, a fully charged cell phone and let us know you are going.

     See up all up here.


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