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Fast and Firm this Morning, Softer later today

February 12, 2024

It dipped below freezing last night and early this morning. I have gone out and tilled up skate lanes on trails #2, #3,#4,#5,and #7 out to the 4KM loops. All trails except the outer loop were groomed out with fresh classic track set yesterday. Conditions will be fast and firm to start this morning. Temps are supposed to get into the upper thirties by around mid day so things should soften as the day progresses.

Coverage is still quite good in most places. Any wet spots yesterday are now Ice today so use caution while skiing, keep your speed down, eyes open and go slow on the down hills.

Trail #5 through the woods is getting pretty rugged from the bridge heading north out to the farm fields. The hardwoods are still in good shape. It is possible to make the #5 loop still but be prepared to negotiate some funk. The fields on #5 are still pretty nice with a few funky spots. #7A is gnarly around the fence line. I will try to fix that tomorrow. Overall I would say the skiing will still be good especially when things have softened up a bit. A few chances for some fresh snow this week so skis crossed!


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