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Still hanging in there


Ole's kryptonite came into play last night. That strong warm south wind came blowing in and did a melt job in East Warren. There was some snow last night for sure. The good news is that the densely packed trail is where the most snow is holding. At this point I am feeling cautiously optimistic about being left not only with some skiing after today but also potentially quite a bit of GOOD skiing too. It may take some hard grooming to make nice again I think we will live on!

At the moment the snow pack is saturated, mushy and rotten in places, frozen in others. The word "varible" comes to mind.

Ski trails will close at 3PM sharp today. Please no skaters today. You'll have some snow with a lot of glide in it come tomorrow. Will update when we get things reassessed later today or tomorrow morning. Enjoy the sun today.

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