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Winter lives on

February 26, 2022

Good Morning,

Powda' out there! We scored well over a foot of snow on the trails yesterday and our brown dismalness was replaced again by winter glory. All but the outer loop and trail #1 has been groomed out fresh with tracks as of 8AM. I will head out shortly to trail #1 and see what is going on out there. The conditions are good to fantastic. There is some small patches of ice here and there and a bony patch sticking through but hot dang winter is in the house, the views are spectacular and the sun is shining in full. Come up and enjoy!

We still have a good selection of gear here in the shop. We have skis for ze' trail and we have skis for off ze' trails. We also have skis that "bridge" the gap for tackling both on and off track touring. There are Skate Skis in stock as well as the ski boots and poles to go with your new skis. Also Skida, and Turtle Fur Hats, Swix and Toko gloves. Also the wax and tools to tune up your skis for all this fresh snow. Come check it out.

Ski shop opens 9am-5pm today.

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