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Ole's open, skiing remains great.

Good Morning,; Ole's is open with some great skiing for both classic and skate skiing techniques. It has been a crazy week this week. I honestly think that this is the most snow I have ever seen for November. We received 12"-13" plus of snow this week! The heavy wet snow took a toll on trees and power lines all over Vermont. We have out of power at my house since the storm. It's like campin'. Ole's is on the grid though ant the open trails are covered nicely. It is an amazing start to the year. Being so early, nothing is frozen and very occasionally there is a bit of wet snow and or a water spot to negotiate. It is only very occasionally though and things are skiing great. Good to be open and seeing so many people using the trails. The shop is open today at 9AM. Hope to see you out there gettin' it while it is good!

This was a nice site on trail #2 right south below the hangers (A before shot)
Chain sawing in the dark is always interesting!!(an after shot)

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