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Sun is out. Shovel brigade has been set loose.


The sun is out and to be quite honest the skiing is thin but has been fun the last few days doing laps. A few skiers have been out but not too many faces around. Come on people, you've skied it way worse then this.

Looking for more snow for sure but the shovel brigade will be out on the trails today filling in some bare spots. Expect to find thin conditions interspersed with kinda good skiing. Some firm and scratchy surfaces exist as well. Call with questions.

Looking at a wicked cold day tomorrow. It will be brutally cold and going to be a good day for wood stoves and relaxing. We shall see if conditions will allow skiing. Four below for a high and a stiff wind will make wind chill factors crazy

Believe in that snow people. Clap your hands and make a wish. Visualize the snow. Do something! It is bound to snow in Vermont again sometime. Why not soon?


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