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1/2" of fresh snow overnight, Spring Skiing here today

February 26, 2025

A fat 1/2" of snow fell last night and gave the trails a nice refresh. Open Core trails will be regroomed this morning and the conditions should be nice. Things are frozen this morning but the temps are forecasted to be in the upper thirties by mid morning so things should soften nicely and turn into nice spring skiing. Use caution as there are ice spots here and there. The woods are closed so stick to the fields, open trails and things that have been groomed. Trail #7A also closed due to ice. If it hasn't been groomed there is a reason for it. The trail in the open fields will ski really nicely. There is a fun 2KM loop out off of the big hill on Trail #5 "Repeat Hill". Check in for details.

I would recommend getting your glide on in a big way over the next few days. See you up here.


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