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We lived to ski another day.

Yesterday was warm and rainy. Not what we like for Nordic pursuits. We did survive though and coming over the hill this morning the airport and surrounding fields were still white with snow. Our snowpack at first glance still looks similar to what we have had over the past week or so.

We will be suspending grooming operations today. There is quite a bit of water under neath the snow from the melt yesterday and if we groom too soon all of that water will come to the top and freeze into ice as the temperatures drop through out the day today. This afternoon or tomorrow, with the 1/2" of fresh snow that is on the trails everything should groom out nicely and we will be back in action.

That being said, there is still some good skiing out there, An early morning skate skier reported that it was "pretty nice" and anyone wanting to come up and have a slide should have a great time. Call with questions.

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