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To groom or not to groom that is the question.

Yesterday we received about 8 inches of beautiful snow. Today that beautiful snow is going to get doused with sleet, freezing rain and the finally this afternoon plain rain. That leaves a snow groomer in a pickle. All this beautiful snow just begging to get packed out and groomed to perfection. But if I over do it and we get enough of the dreaded clear stuff,

we will ice out our trails and be working with nothing but ice tomorrow.

So I chose the middle ground. And with a bit of apprehension decided to do a few light roller passes and set a track on about 10 KM of trail today. It currently is going to ski great once the weather starts back up today things could change. We are supposed to get some backside snow on the end of this storm so HOPEFULLY trails don't get to saturated with snow and we get a few inches to freshen things up for skiing tomorrow.

All that being said there should be some great trails to ski today even if the weather is a bit on the crappy side. The shop is open everyday 9AM-5PM.

Looking forward to be opening on Christmas Week. It has been a few years !!

We just got a whole bunch of gear in and the shop is full of goodies for all of your last minute holiday needs. Hope to see you all at Ole's soon !

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