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-12 below zero

It is 12 degrees below zero here at the center as of 8 AM. It is fairly chilly. There is no wind as of right now so it is actually pretty darn nice out. IF you dress right and keep moving! We have some great skiing out there if you can beat the cold. If you decide to come up and see us for a ski on our 25 KM of great skiing or a snowshoe out in the forest, remember to dress in layers and have all exposed skin protected. Goggles over a nice gator works well. Also remember that the high today is only 0 degrees. So know your limits and be safe. Call with questions we are open everyday 9 AM - 5 PM.

Grip wax should be Swix V05 Polar White today and glide wax should be CH/LF 4 or cold powder. See you soon !

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