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Good Morning,

Last night was the coldest night thus far this year. At my house across the hill at 2 AM we had 19.6 degrees below zero.... NICE. We like it cold in the Nordic business. Way better then 65 and raining. That's just plain weird.

Yes it is cold, but there is light and variable winds forecasted for today and it is supposed to rebound to a balmy 4 degrees Fahrenheit by about 2 PM. Cross Country Skiing and snowshoeing is a sure fire way to beat the cold. We have all the gear you need for rent and some fantastic trails to explore. The air is clean and refreshing. Come up and say hello.

If you do decide to venture out remember that it IS cold and you need to have the right layers and protect all exposed skin, especially your face and nose. Call with questions. We are open 9 AM - 5 PM everyday. 802 496 3430

We have a shop full of some great nordic gear, including SKIDA hats and Rossignol touring skis as well as some other great goodies. Come check it out.

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