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3-7 inches of snow today with maybe more

Good Morning,

We have about 3-7 inches of snow coming in this afternoon. It will only improve the already fantastic skiing that we have had here at the ski center. It has been a fantastic start to the season. All of the 30 plus KM of trails open are skiing great and today is going to be the last day before some serious cold weather comes in for Friday and Saturday. If you want to ski ub the next few days I would come up today. Saturday's temps are a high of 15 below zero. Yikes! Saturday will most likely be too cold for skiing. Sunday the temps are supposed to rebound with a high of around 8 degrees ABOVE zero.

We have a shop full of great gear for your nordic pursuits. Come up and check it out or just swing by to day hello. Shop is open everyday 9 AM - 5 PM.

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