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Bluebird Day

Good Morning,

Woke up to a blue bird and frosty morning, The air is still and this is my favorite kind of winter weather. Usually I like a little more of the white stuff on the ground, but what is the point in complaining? The center is still on hiatus unfortunately due to the lack of snow. It has been good to get the wood pile buffed out for next year and take care of some of the odds and ends that there never seems to be enough time for. I am ready though to get back to grooming and sliding!

Due to my superstitious nature about snow, which has formed from growing up here, I will not speculate on the upcoming snow events we may or may not have. I have been hurt too many times. I will believe it when I look behind the groomer and see a nice trail behind me. That being said there is some snow in the forecast and with just a few inches we will be up and running again. Last day of January today.... Bye bye see ya later, bring on February. Stay in touch and stay tuned.

Shop is closed for mid week. With any groomable snow we will open up otherwise we are running the weekend hours. Call with questions 802 496 3430

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