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Today will be the best spring skiing of the year thus far

Good Morning,

With trails 100% open, coverage STILL amazing, blue bird skies and so far no wind, today will prove to be the best spring skiing yet this year. In several actually. In typical fashion, all trails are locked up firm as of first thing this AM. Once that sun comes up, melts up the trails and does its thing we will have some prime spring conditions. My best guess is that the "corn": window will be from 10 AM- 2 PM. The sun is already up and is feeling really warm. Come get it while it is here.

These are absolutely the best kind of days to come to Ole's for a ski or a snowshoe. The scenery is amazing and you will have the place to yourself..... Almost.

These are the gravy days as they like to say.

Come up and say hello, have a tour and then hang on the deck in the sun.

Can't beat it.

Open today 9 AM - 5 PM. See you soon!

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