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Another great Friday

Good Morning,

We are still open with great skiing. We have around 16 KM of trail groomed out for both classic and skate skiing. Trails are in great shape, the temps are very reasonable and it is going to be a excellent day of skiing and riding. As the temperatures warm through the day the skiing should just get better and better. Come and get it.

Trail list includes trail #2, #3, #11,#5 through the fields out to Repeat Hill where there is a 2KM loop that weaves in and around in the hay field. It is a lung buster and has great cover.

The start to this year has been unprecedented. So far our trails have been open with 28 days straight of skiing and it is only the 14th of December! We have a slight warm up coming tonight and tomorrow and then Saturday night the temps are supposed to go back down to freezing. The weather dudes are talking more snow next week to hopefully freshen things up for us.

It is measuring up to be a great weekend at Ole's.

Our ski shop is stocked with great nordic gear and we are cutting deals on ski packages and accessories. The shop is open everyday 9AM-5PM.

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