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Soft and spring like, to lets say "a wee bit firm"

Good Morning,

We had a great day of skiing yesterday and we endured the warm temps pretty well. The thin and or icy like spots got a little bigger but coverage remains overall pretty good on the open terrain. Before I went home last night I took out the groomer as the snow pack froze and tilled up around the Airport and around Rock n' Roll. IT should help but early morning skiers should anticipate things to be pretty firm and a little variable until the day temps rise and help to soften things up. We are in our 30th consecutive day of skiing today. Been a few years since that happened!

The ski shop will be open today from 9 AM -5 PM

Fresh snow potentially coming in on Monday night. It has been a great start to the season and we are looking forward to continuing this trend right through the winter. Time will tell. See you soon!

We have a ton of gear for your Nordic needs. Come on in and check it out!

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