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Beautiful day but Ice dominates

Good Morning,

We got way more hammered by warm wind and some rain over the last few days than we had anticipated. The airport was reduced to mostly ice and for the most part have put our trails on hiatus. I have groomed about a 1KM loop across the road on the field of Trail # 1 and all in all the skiing over there will be pretty nice. We have some frozen something coming in overnight into to tomorrow morning and the another round of rain and warm temps for Friday to deal with. The skiing is on the icy side but any pass holders who want to come get a work out will find nice skiing on the aforementioned loop and the woods out to repeat hill still has good coverage. The woods out to repeat have not been groomed but if we survive with enough coverage for the weekend we will see if we can get some grooming going on out there and improve the surface.

Skiing is on the beat side but snowshoeing is a great option for today and we have all the trails you will need to get out side and enjoy this beautiful weather. Hoping for another storm to come in and re-coat our trails. Give a call with questions.

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