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Still some skiing left

Yesterday's shot of warm air definitely took a toll on our snowpack.. There was quite a bit of melting but I have managed to groom out some trails for skiing.

This morning's trail report is:

Trail # 2 heading north around the backside to the Polo Field section of # 2 and then continuing out to Trail # 11.

Trails # 5 through the woods and out to to the 7A, and # 5 Repeat Hill loop, as well as the loops around trail # 4.

Skiers can expect really good snow interspersed with some slushy, thin, bare and some icy spots. These spots for the most part are easy to go around and over all the skiing will prove to be some fun spring skiing. If you want to get outside and have a nice leisurely ski while not worrying about perfect conditions then today will be a good day. No Beginner skiers today please. No Fat Bikes today please.

Snowshoeing is also a great option. We have some great terrain to explore.

The Airport Road into the center is really muddy and has deep ruts. Low clearance vehicles with poor tires won't cut it. Once things freeze up the hardworking town crew will clean it up I am sure but for now if you decide to head up, come up through Warren Village on Brook Road and take a left onto Airport Road.

All merchandise in the ski shop is now at clearance pricing.

Select items on sale are up to 40% off.

Rossi and Fischer ski boots up to 30% off.

Fischer Twin Skin performance skis are at seriously discounted prices.

Rossignol touring skis are on sale.

Remaining Swix poles are now at clearance prices!

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