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A few inches of classic powder and more on the way, gonna be another epic weekend!

Good Morning all,

Wham bam just like that we are looking like winter again. We got a fat inch or two of very moisture laden snow overnight and it is still precipitating out. Things are covered nicely and it is supposed to keep precipitating right through tomorrow morning!

The new snow is extremely wet and clumpy as the temperatures are around thirty four degrees right now. Things underneath are not frozen and there is quite a bit of slush and mucky muck underneath. The temps will also cause a period of rain later today. Because of all these factors we are going to hold off on grooming until tonight and tomorrow morning. Grooming now will not only bring all the under lying moisture to the surface, it will also not work very well, as it is about as sticky as snow gets and will not cycle through the grooming implements. It is a heck of a snow man making day though!

Once the temps drop tonight all of this eastern "powder" will dry out, the underlying base will freeze up and we will be set, primed and ready for a killer weekend of outdoor fun here up at the Ole's Cross Country Center.

The weather forecast is calling for a re-blossoming of snow later today and tonight. With upwards of another 8 inches falling on our trails system. I am skeptical about all of that and my prediction is another one to three inches of snow will fall before tomorrow morning. Never the less I anticipate having a lot of terrain open and groomed out for everyone tomorrow morning.

Hope to see everyone up here this weekend enjoying this classic March weather, snow conditions and skiing. Have a great day.

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