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Looks like it is over folks and the season was an amazing one.

Good Morning,

Well there was a slight hope for some skiable snow overnight last night but it turned out to only be a small dusting. We are calling it folks, Ole's is officially closed for the season. It was an amazing season overall with of course the usual ups and downs but the last ten days or so of warm weather ended an almost fifty days straight of skiing with over four whole months of skiing riding and snowshoeing here up at the center. It certainly has been one of the best winters that I can remember with some of the most epic conditions ever.

My last day of skiing was last Saturday and I took a beautiful tour on the outer loop of Folsom Brook Trail, Cold Springs and the Bundy Trail. Some creative re-routing through the woods was necessary but I did the whole thing with out taking my skis off and there really was some amazing skiing around the loop. Unbelievable for the 30th of March!

This time of year is always bitter sweet. It is the culmination of a never ending cycle of trail work set up and break down and equipment maintenance. The skiing is usually pretty good in March and as the season winds down, I finally get some real time to ski my trails and then it ends. In the end it is a good thing though, I am always a little sad it is over and I always end the season psyched to get going again next year! I can not wait to get going next year!

A huge shout out and big thanks to all of the pass holders, day trippers, and of especially the land owners!

Have a safe and happy summer everyone! We will be in touch and I will see you out on the trails working this summer, around the valley and beyond.

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