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Colder temps with great snow!

Good Morning,

Colder temps today. The skiing remains great and dare I say it there may be some fresh snow in our future. I try not to get excited until I look behind the groomer and see it combing out nicely. Things are awesome here and with just a few inches more, we will be looking at some epic conditions.

The ski skating has been amazing the last few days. The snow pack temperature has been hovering around 30 degrees, it is packed as it gets and with fresh corduroy applied it has been real nice. Hero snow, where everyone is a champion.

With some work Trail #1 has been added to the count. It is on the thin side but skiing pretty nicely over all. Take it easy on the down hills and blind corners and there are also a few bony spots through the woods. I skated it when it was just rolled out last night and it was fun! The groomer was towed around it this morning and it should prove to be even nicer today.

Think snow people! Stay tuned.

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