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Another coating of snow ovenight

Good Morning,

Not the 3"-5" that they forecasted, but an inch of snow fell overnight. That is ok though. Building the base in small increments is more than acceptable. Trails are in prime shape and we are living high here at the center.

Just about everything will be getting the grooming treatment today so come up and mess up my corduroy. I dare ya.

Here is a question. Actually three....Do you like a trail system that is 100% open, groomed and tracked? Do you like comfortable temperatures with snow that is not sticky but the perfect temp to provide amazingly fast glide and great skiing? Do like slightly grumpy ski center owners who will pick on you at any cost?

Then come up to Ole's, because we got ALL of that. Ole's XC where the skiing is great and the sarcasm/abuse is free! See ya' soon.

Ski shop on sale! Time to get yourself a ski deal. Come up and check it out!

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