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FEBRUARY 4, 2023

A super cold start this morning. Coldest in a few years actually! A very solid 25 below at my house when I finally peeled the covers off of myself. Cold and beautiful out there. Gotta say, I kinda like it. There are windchill warnings out today but as of right now, at 7:50 AM the wind sock across the airport is barley moving and the sun is cresting over the ridge blasting it's warm rays over the Ole's Trail Network.

It will be cold for sure. But if you dress properly and cover everthing up it should be a great day to get a ski in. Use your best judgement, stay within your limitations and check in with us for safety. Other than that come enjoy!

This hammerhead ski area owner is now heading out to groom up the 100% open trail system. The Arctic Powder should groom up nicely and skiing will be good to excellent through out the trail system.

Heated socks initiate! I'm getting older it is ok to use them now right? Cheat just a little bit?

Come up and enjoy these awesomly cold winter conditions.

Ski shop still on sale. Come check it out!

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