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APRIL 1ST, 2023

Well 4 inches of snow fell overnight. April Fools?? Nope for reals people!

A very wet slushy 4 inches of snow fell overnight. This winter really seems to want to hang around. It is currently raining and is supposed to for the bulk of the day. It is also supposed to get into the low sixties by around mid morning with high winds. So in short we will see some snow melt today. Most likely no grooming today as snowpack is just too saturated with water. Sometimes you just have to laugh! Good ol' VT.

Tonight things are forecasted to freeze up again so maybe we can squeak a few more days out of this. As the season winds down so will our grooming routine. I will provide some core trails to ski on if we can keep some snow this week. But skier traffic and weather will dictate where and when.

With the wet rainy weather we will be open for limited hours today so check the website for updates or call first before you head up, especially this Afternoon If you do head up, Four Wheel Drive and good tires are recommended as the road is in Mud Season condition. All though the ruts are not too deep......Yet


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