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4” of fresh snow overnight

December 04, 2023

.The raw rainy day yesterday turned into once again a very very dense 4-5 inches of snow. It has coated our trails once again in a snow paste. It has groomed out pretty nice but the warm snow is extremely hard to steer in while grooming, resulting in some ruts through the corners. Keep your speed down and use caution. There are also some open water spots to negotiate as nothing has frozen up yet. I have groomed and tracked out the Airport and The Polo Field loop (Trail #2) Coverage is still good for #3 and #11 but It may be better to leave it to dry out. This snow does not lend itself to good grooming conditions and it will come out better once things freeze. Anyways we still have some pretty good early season conditions. Looking for that freeze up and some nice fresh powder! Skis crosssed!


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