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4KM of groomed trail

Good late morning…..

     We have an epic early season snowpack at the moment. A early gift of snow has allowed us to groom out and set track on around 4KM of skiing. Currently the Airport loop as well as the “Polo Field” are up for skiing. The skiing is really nice!

      There is potential for more trail to be opened but we have some warm weather to endure later this week. We plan on going with a light touch for the grooming until Saturday Morning. Hoping for a great weekend of gliding.

Nice to see such a quick change to winter.

 If you decide to come up and ski please stick to groomed trails only. Respect all closed signs. Some property owners are still not ready to have us out there quite yet.

Take it easy on all downhills.

     Ski shop hours will be Friday-Sunday this week. 10AM-4PM.

     Enjoy your day.


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