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JANUARY 23, 2023

Last night the snow storm that rolled in actually over produced and as of 730 AM around 6 inches of snow has fallen on the trails and it is still dumping snow out. Looking at the radar is looks to continue that for at least a few more hours. This weather scenario is perfect for our high plateau. It grabs the snow nicely as storms move across both two sides of the Valley.

Our trails are well covered. Just about all the core trails have been double groomed with the Tidd Tech Groomer and in less than an hour the track setter will be taken out and we should have core trails tracked out by about mid-morning. After that sights will be set to the outer loop. Hoping to get that packed out and looking good today. Everything is open right now. Nice!

That is the plan folks. Beautiful winter day out there. Come up and enjoy these great January conditions.


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