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A Happy New Year to all and snow in the forecast, it is certainly due

Happy New year to everyone. 2021 has officially started. 2020 was certainly interesting.

Today it is mice out there right now. Mid-twenties and a lot of sun. Too bad we have no snow to ski on! Weather guy says a storm system will be moving in late tonight into tomorrow morning and bringing up to six inches of snow with it. Some discrepancy on how much warm air will filter in from the south so with any luck we will end up on the right end of this weather system. It is absolutely time for winter to re-start and I am looking forward to getting some trails open and doing some gliding. Ski shop will be open this weekend 10AM-4PM regardless of snow conditions. I will update once we see what Saturday morning brings us. Enjoy your day and hope to see you all skiing this weekend.


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