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Another day of skiing

Another day with suprisingly beautiful skiing. The wind AKA our budget snowmaking system helped to push some of that powder around last night and the snow, being in the upper twenties in temperature is full of glide. Just a few inches of fresh on top and we would be stylin'! A Christmas Day gift of snow? We shall see.

Glad to have Ole's open and to see all the demented characters that frequent this place. You know who you are! The good thing? Still Dec, we got the whole winter ahead of us! Come up and ski, get the sweat on!

We will be renting skis and selling day tickets for day visitors today. If you need to rent skis please note that rentals are by reservation again this year, although we will do our best to accomodate "walk-in" visitors. The upstairs lounge is not open again this year and we will once again have a port-o-let for you to use. For more details on renting and operational plans for this season please visit our website at You can also purchase your trail tickets online. Please check in with us before you head out on the trails to get a day ticket and a trail conditons report. See you all soon.

We have a shop full of ski gear for sale including classic and skate ski packages, glove, hats (seriously a lot of hats) and other apparel as well as all the wax a human could need!

Enjoy this return of winter everyone. SKI SHOP WILL BE OPEN 10AM-4PM TODAY.


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