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FEBRUARY 15, 2023

Good Morning,

The last few days of skiing have been excellent. We are still skiing on a 100% open trail network with MOST excellent conditIons. The warmer days have made a few spot in the woods a little thin. But still very skiable. The outer loop was groomed out yesterday morning along with everything else on the trail network. Some of the woods sections in the Pine Trees on the outer loop, of trails #'s 6, 9 and 10 have a "healthy dose of pine twigs" but I tilled the bajeebers out of it yesterday and it seems to have helped . A BC ski and or a ski that you are not in love with would be the best bet for down there. Can not beat a tour by Folsom Brook though. Always beautiful. A real nature experience.

Today the groomer was run around on the skate lanes on all of the core trails. Once it softens up a little more, track will be renovated on the core trails. Come up and enjoy the snow. We have some more warm and wet weather to endure. With a little luck we will still be grooming and skiing. Stay tuned.

I would not mind a solid snow storm at this point. Seems reasonable to ask for?

See you up here. Enjoy your day.

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